———————————————————————————————————- Kin Riddimz meets Junior Morgan  – Hill Top NEW ALBUM OUT NOW! ———————————————————————————————————- New album called “Hill Top” produced by Kin Riddimz collaborating the Jamaican artist Junior Morgan is available worldwide. Album consists 9 original tracks composed and recorded by  Kin Riddimz. The video … (more)

Bibi Youth grew up in a home filled with music, listening to countless rehearsals of her parents. Performing classical music on the piano, she soon met reggae music thanks to her brother – Jahmmi Youth. She has performed on various … (more)

2005 is the year when InI create my first song. Started serious with reggae music in 2007 with my first project called “New Relation Generation Dub”. In the beginning I mon made records at my home studio and now work … (more)

Merudia is a balkan-urban-reggae sextet from Bulgaria. One thing that gives the band its personality is the use of the traditional Bulgarian instrument kaval in the non-traditional context of Merudia’s music. The band has collaborated with popular Bulgarian reggae and … (more)

Roots Rocket Sound started up in the beginning of 2011. Since then the rockets held several concerts in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. The soundsystem shared the stage in Thessaloniki with Jahcoustix (Ger) and Ras Daniel Ray (Jam). Zionlionz’ 7th birthday … (more)

Reggae artist, songwriter, producer and co-founder of Roots Rocket label – 1st Bulgarian reggae label. Zafayah is a versatile artist covering genres such as Roots Reggae, Raggamuffin, Soul and Hip-hop. His topics range from oppression, poverty and social injustice to … (more)

Concentrated inna deep roots n dub music, Samity creates enchanting meditation mood, exploring sound in original style with natural vibration.

  Originator of Root Souljah (1st Bulgarian roots reggae band) and Roots Rocket label, in 2005 after surviving a sea storm Sen I&I embark on a musical journey to the common roots of iniversal knowledge and vision. Ever since he … (more)

Kin Dread entered the world of music in 2007 . His first musical expirience is called “Loading In Progress” where he is a music producer and vocal. In 2010 he began composing music for Jahmmi Youth, and in 2011 alongside … (more)

Roots Rocket band is hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria. In May 2011, the so-called label presented the offspring of the first Bulgarian reggae band Root Souljah – ROOTS ROCKET. Throughout the years they have toured around Slovenia, Romania, Greece, and Macedonia. … (more)

Born and raised in Bulgaria, music has been part of his life from the day that him born – his mother is a pianist and his father is a trumpet player. From early age he started playin the trompet an … (more)