Merudia Music

Merudia is a balkan-urban-reggae sextet from Bulgaria. One thing that gives the band its personality is the use of the traditional Bulgarian instrument kaval in the non-traditional context of Merudia’s music. The band has collaborated with popular Bulgarian reggae and hip-hop artists such as Ndoe(DRS), Zafayah, NRG_D, Samity, Mr. Morski, etc. Merudia released their last single “Minimum Stress” in June 2013 followed by a video clip to the same song. The Band is planning on releasing an EP next spring, which is going to feature a little portion of Merudia’s live set.

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– vox, guitar
Krisy / Ralfy – vox
Hristian – kaval, melodica
Teodor / Lozy – bass
Petur – percussion
Niko – drums
Tony (ex) – kaval, melodica