Conqueror Lyrics

All right then all well
Hear mi now
Well disya Mada Earth a where you come for a war?
Betta check up unnu head cuz thus you never reach far
Stand up inna di line and listen to di Lion roar
Di lightning and di thunder natty fire hard-core
Conqueror come and all di gunmen are gone
Di mighty Haile Father Jah Jah King on a throne
Hail up Rastafari everasure and everstrong
Di Conquering Lion
HIM a di real Dadda Don

Di I Royal line

Welcome alla di beauty in da world a come down
Brother similar pattern run in each and everyone
Di highly king, di warrior, lover, magician
Fulfill your fate with wisdom not a bare ambition
Once you’ve been born but twice you haffi reborn
To face reality in Iya full potential
Burn down all di prejudicial tricks and move on
No time for ego trippin there no time to full around no

From di I Royal Line
Face all di Judgement sublime

Di youths dem are so poor face annihilation
Yet di state provide no cure fe alla di segregation
In disya total confusion seems the only escape
Is di global revolution of ubiquitous shape
So run natty run and get yuh weapons of choice
Let’s chase the crazy baldheads hear di soul rebel voice
No retreat and no surrender ’till babylon self-destroys
Well, let me tell you right now gals and boys, bim!

Conqueror di I Royal Line
Di Don Dadda come inna di harvest time