Dreamin Lyrics

Music, mix and master: Kin Dread
Arrangement and back vox: VoLion
Sax: Denis Popstoev
2013 Roots Rocket


if my life is a dream
I don’t wanna wake up
if my dream is real life
then I wanna live forever

but sometimes when I’m dreamin
and i know that I’m dreamin
I feel like I wanna wake up
cuz I don’t know what to do

it’s a different dimension
an it’s a different relation
between past and di present an di future
between now & then & after
now just imagine if you forget your roots & culture
but you remember you future
and imagine that you know everything
but your mission is to forget things one by one
now your brain is the rider
and your consciousness is the horse that you ridin upon
so keep travellin
keep travellin

Dreamin n I’m dreamin n thinking of you
I heard you said that the dreams
have a destiny
and now I’m waiting

believe in this dream
cause I heard you said
that dreams have their own destiny
now I’m waiting
I’m still waiting

exhale the silence
bring back the balance
meditate an advance
elevate and don’t miss the chance

miracles happen not only in your dreams
you just have to see
not just to look
you just have to hear
not just to listen
and if you still kinda feel
like something is missin
reality is not a dream
but is whatever yuh make it to be
so keep seeking now

I don’t wanna hear you
asking me for the time
because when I’m dreamin
there is no such thing as time
if you ask me why

I’m dreamin now