Ital Livity Lyrics

Jam inna di backyard
Mi waan fe tell yuh groovy likkle sistah ya see
Eh officer I’m sorry fiddler mistah, away!
Stay outta Iya town
Unnu betta do not dare to come around

Step up…

Going out to a nice restaurant
Yah mi tell yuh so becah it is a vegetarian
From di Ites to di roots we nah go mek no wrong move
Ital food fe di youth it’s all good fe di irie mood

Now so many go dung hungry and young
Right now so many people chatta whole heap of bunk
So mi seh
It is a time fe di reala changes begun
Mek all di butchery undone
More wheat n corn fe every man

Haile King Selassie can save we /can save we/
Sing this tune and
Bring it loud

Jahovia /oh Lord/
Let I-man know yah
Collie Emmanuel
I seh Jahovia, we trod along di son of Kingston 12

In disya world lotta tings seem absurd
But di reala tings in life are always simple – 1 word
Jah L.O.V.E. yes I
Blazin Ganjafar I
true to Iya roots –
bear di fruits inna di hood

Unnu betta kno ya’ll Jah Jahovia is thy Lord yes
Rememba dat n pray fe di I ah neva fall no
Step in de groove now
Mek yuh on a move now
Cah soon di giddeon a come

No afraid Iya story goes
Meditate feel di power flow
Seek fe di truth of di Universe
Neva lie neva die we are glorious so
Praise yah Lord and
Stand up proud

Jahovia /oh Lord/
Let I-man know yah
Jah be di guiding star
You watch it youthman
Cah deliverance a come

Gimme soma rizzla
Some a roll it other rub it inna mi chalwa
Souljah man we dub it reggae rasta yuh see
Lion inna reign
Irie massive know ya Jah set I free
Rastaman all ovah…
Inna realness mission