Love Indeed Lyrics

We don’t need no trouble
We need love one another
Every sister and brother
Love your mother and father
‘Cah true love is forever
Through every endeavor
Jah love is the anchor
For the wise and the clever
Please don’t you ever say never
‘Cos love is like a feather
It’ll fly if you let her
Make her dance with the Zephyr

Souljah army we show love indeed
Rastafari we do love indeed
Congo bongo, we dweet
Irie people dem a do love indeed
Pon di Balkan we do love indeed
In Jamaica dem got love indeed
Cali we do love indeed
Dung in Australia dem got love indeed
1love fe di people dem need
Inity and oneya Nation we plead
Irie vibration and I-grade weed
InI praise Jah and so we proceed
1,2,3 Blessed love family
It’s di oneya named Sen to di Iya Inity
Make the world live in peace, harmony
We are the souljah come to set di Earth free

I’m seeing how
Some wicked institution
Is tryin to bring I down
But Jah melody and sound
Is invincible
I’m color-blind now
Let’s make an absolution
For every humble child now
Yeah, that’s my resolution

Sing along this song my people everyone gallong
Skiddly-boom skank …
We do no wrong but we do sing along
If you chant ’bout love then mi idren live long
If you’re a parent show your kid love indeed
If you’re a boy love your sweetheart indeed
If you’re a gyal you haffi make him complete
Treat him so sweet and then you will succeed
Love yourself, love your brother indeed
But most of all Jah Jah love set I free
From all di dreader pain and misery
Seh dat Love is mi God and mi authority