New day Lyrics

one inna spirit, one inna Jah Jah
love and forgiveness written pon we altar
know that your enemy coulda be your brother
know how fi read each of di signs and wonders

learn fi overstand despite di language barrier
man, woman and child – equal inna divine order
animals and plants – all of di elements there
part of di same chant
a holy mantra

when a new day is born
and whole different song
see the good things dem gwaan
all di wickedness gone

when a new day is born
di living things staying in togetherness
citizens of di kingdom of righteousness
no need fi evidence
simple is our happiness
living inna holiness
InI ever blessed

when a new day is born
and a whole different song
I see di good things dem a gwaan
all a di wickedness gone

where is di truth, where is di right answer?
everything we have but we still feel di hunger
nothing’s really wrong but we cyan remove di anger
what is it that makes a man pull di trigger?

why are di leaders of di world such warmongers?
one man pays di ticket, another man di passenger
why give a damn about di poor sufferer?
who brings di money and who ah di treasurer?