Sacred Society Lyrics

Hear di root soulja inna different pattan
Come fe mash up di wicked gimmix wid da lyrix-power-sound
Yo, we jumpin on the train cause it’s already Zion bound
Hey Babylon system now you a go burn down!

Yes we ah burn it down

None a dem cannot match it
Cah di wicked man a rachet
It can’t be seen, nor touched
Iya Power…bun di tower
Unnu betta nuh back down
Every day and every hour
Till di rat race is over
Unnu betta do not care fe countdown
Cah when di Lion is crowned again
There’s no need fe back down

Di wicked are comin around
But we nuh go let dem in town
No clown wearin frown gain no ground
Dem gonna get a breakdown

No matter your race and
No matter your creed
No color, religion
Or ultimate breed
No matter your faces
Look tortured and bleed
Try hearing the voice
Of redemption indeed

If you choose no remorse
We regain what’s been lost
Pay di cost to di Most I
Jah Rastafari
Feel within InI

We bun down di system
Cuz love’s all we need
No time for sham wisdom
We got to be free

Society inna sacred variety
Time fe wake up humanity
So, wake up! All humanity!

In this life of hopes and dreams
Learn live it real without no schemes
It seems…that di harder di days
The sweeter it pays
Find love in all ways
Forivah and always!