Sistah and Bradda Lyrics

you’re my sista in music yeeh
you’re my brother in music yeeh
you’re my sista in muisc yeeh
so together we’ll make it

yes yuh have a brother
yes yuh have a sister
well if u think u don’t have
then u must be welcome in di society
once again realize this livity
and get to the point where yuh know
everyone is your sista
everyone is your brodda
today this is what i discover

tree of love
tree of love
is growin
like di precious flower in jah garden
sister’s love is sacred
so dress up your body in light
oh Jah Love is so right


it’s a destiny brothers an sistas
di best destiny is brother n sista
there’s no event dat happens accidently
there’s a reason for all dat Jah present to we

me sista i
feel your energy goin pon same places as mine
see yuh creatin vibes same way as i
see yuh movin fasta to di point of knowledge
like an empress u personify now di best of me

if di woman clean
if di woman is pure
no hypocrisy can come
n dat’s fo sure
if the people clean
if the people pure
no hypocrisy can come
n dat’s fo sure

we all affi clean yeeh
an yes yes we all affi pure
i don’t need no dis-equilibrium (2x)
one good thought is