Zafayah Meets Dub Caravan – Out Loud EP


Sing it OUT LOUD! Zafayah Meets Dub Caravan / Bulgaria Meets England in a crucial EP with heavy riddims and vocals.

 The Bulgarian singer and musician known as Zafayah teams up with London based producer Dub Caravan to create an EP called “Out Loud”. Dub Caravan had spent some time living in Bulgaria where he eventually met Zafayah. Their mutual love for reggae and dub music brought them together. They maintained their friendship even after Dub Caravan had settled in London, where all the music was written and recorded. The tracks were then sent to Bulgaria where Zafayah recorded his vocals in the Roots Rocket Studio Zafayah is co-founder of the Roots Rocket label which is the first Bulgarian reggae label ever to exist.

A talented German saxophone player known as Samson Benji recorded brass on the Twenty Fuss Century and Dub Version. Additionally, the well known singer and trombone player from Serbia, Hornsman Coyote, contributed with his distinct trombone style on the tracks Microchip and MicroSka.
Mastered at Lion and Fox Recording Studios in Washington D.C by Michael Caplan. Artwork by Bulgarian graphic artist, Chuchuligov (Alauda).

The rest is history. Peace and love…

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